Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Finds: Date Idea & Bell Sleeve Tops

It's FRIDAY! I hope you've all enjoyed your week. I'm here with some fun finds this week!

1. My first "find" is a super fun date night idea! A few weeks ago my husband and I went to a Murder Mystery dinner with my friend Ashley and her husband. It was such a fun double date! Not only did we enjoy a yummy dinner, but we also had fun trying to figure out which character at the party was the "murderer". Between each dinner course, the actors from the improv company would come out and act out a scene from the murder. Then the guests would get to go around to the characters and ask questions, trying to get their alibi and gain any information we could, so that at the end of the meal, we could place our guess as to who the murder was. It was so, so fun! We'd definitely do this again for a fun date night. 

This company does regular public shows all across the country, along with being available for all types of themed private events, so you should check out the website and see if they're doing one near you!

One of the most fun parts of the evening was getting dressed was a masquerade theme, so we got masks and I put on a party dress :)

2. Nordstrom's sale section has so many good finds. Here are a few clothes that caught my eye:

Some other cute sale items:

3. Anthropologie is having a 40% off sale SALE!

4. Speaking of Anthro, while I was home in California, my mom treated me to this adorable chambray top with bell sleeves. I'm dying over this bell sleeve style right now!!

Here's the front so you can see it:

4. Give me all the bell sleeves. Here are a few fun tops I found:

That's it for this week! Have you found anything good this week?!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Best Things We Registered For

About a year ago we begun registering for our wedding gifts. I remembering being a little overwhelmed because I wanted to make sure we registered at places people would find convenient AND I wanted to be sure everything we needed was accounted for. So I narrowed down our registry items to Pottery Barn, Macy's and Zola. And then I did register for just a few things from Anthropologie, but not many. Zola was the only untraditional registry, but it ended up working out really well. We loved that we could register for our honeymoon trip and activities on that site, we could choose when to have items shipped and choose where to have them ship as well. It was really great! But I think it's important to register at a few stores, only because some people (like grandparents!) want to actually GO to the store to see what they are buying for you, as opposed to purchasing the gifts online. That's why Macy's and Pottery Barn were good options for us!

Without further adieu, here are our favorite registry items!

Top 10 Best Things We Registered For:

1. Cambria Dishes: I just love the simplicity to our dishes. The finish has that rustic feel I like, but not too shabby chic. They are still very classic! They're also super sturdy! Something else I really like is that the largest plate can be used as a charger under the smaller salad plate (which is a really generous size for a salad plate). You can choose between a coupe bowl or cereal bowl, so we went with the cereal bowl and I'm so glad we did. It's also a great size for a salad.

2. Tidbit Plates: these petite little plates match our Cambria set of dishes. I registered for 16 of these, even though we only got 12 dinner sets, because I knew I would use them often for dessert and appetizers. Turns out they're my FAVORITE thing we own!! The size is perfect for apps, the shape is adorable, and I use one every morning for my toast ;)

3. Good Knifes: there ain't nothin' like good knifes. They just make the cooking that I do do, so much more enjoyable.

4. Serving Platters- rectangular, round: I've loved using these both for serving and entertaining when friends come over! Both are great sizes.

5. Fresh Towels: I think towels is something everyone needs to register for! We went with the very basic light gray and white for wash cloths and bath towels, then did more decorative hand towels. I find that towels fade rather quickly (especially hand towels!) so I get inexpensive ones at World Market, so they're not too $$$ to replace. They are so cute! These are the hand towels we currently have.

6. Coffee Grinder & French Press: these two are from my husband. He uses his coffee grinder and french press nearly every morning and he absolutely LOVES the brands we got!

7. Cute Dish Towels -- on sale now! Necessary? Not at all. Super fun and cute?! Totally ;)

8. Stemless Wine Glasses: I don't trust myself with stemmed wine glasses in the house, so stemless it is! ;)

9. Kitchen Aid Mixer: While cooking isn't my favorite, I do love to bake! I keep our kitchen aid on the shelves in our laundry room for easy access whenever I need it. It makes mixing so easy!

10. 4 Piece Toaster: I've mentioned before that I have toast for breakfast every morning, so a good toaster was a must. We've really liked having the 4 piece toaster so that when we eat breakfast together on weekends, we can both have our english muffins in at the same time!

Things we didn't register for, but LOVE:

1. Herb Scissors : GLORY! These are so amazing. Cutting herbs can be tedious and honestly, kind of hard sometimes. These make it so easy and quick!!

2. Betty Crocker Newlywed Cookbook: we've tried a few recipes out of this book and have loved every one of them!

Registry Tips:

- Register at a few different places
- Register for things in different price points so someone with a lower budget for your gift can still find something you want.
- Register for a wide variety of items so that there are enough things on the list for your guests to get you!
- DON'T put where you're registered on your wedding invitation. That information should go on a separate insert.
- DO put your registry details on your wedding website so people can easily find it, if you have a website.
- Think hard and make a list of items you need to register for before you go shopping. I actually went to Macy's myself first, before bringing my husband, just to make a list of things I thought we might need and take a survey of the area ;) THEN I brought him back and we chose the specifics together.
- Don't register for it if you don't actually want it. If I could go back, I might actually register for less stuff and more honeymoon experiences. Thank goodness we have a garage to store all of our kitchen stuff that we don't use on the daily!
- If you're giving gifts to a bride-to-be or newly married couple, try your hardest to stick to the registry! They registered for those items because they love them and they want them for their home :) Diverting from the registry usually ends up in the couple making returns. Of course there's always exceptions to, if you're a really good friend of the bride and know she'll love what you got her. Just some thoughts to consider!

What did YOU register for and end up loving?!


PS. Head over to Rue Magazine to check out one of my latest client projects. The reveal is on Rue Daily today, along with a list of Winter Refresh ideas for your home!
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Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Love Letter

To my Husband,

When I was little I used to dream about the man that would one day become my husband. What would he look like? What would his name be? What would my new last name be?! So many questions. I remember making a list of qualities I wanted in a husband; I think I did this with some friends once. Funny, smart, handsome, nice teeth (seriously...I have this thing with pearly whites;)), loves Jesus more than he loves me, loves and wants kids, values family, likes dogs, is considerate, passionate, kind, fun, likes to travel (specifically to Hawaii), and some other random things. (PS. While I think this exercise was helpful in setting a standard for myself in the men I dated, I don't always recommend making lists like these, because if you're so focused on checking all the boxes on your list to find the ideal husband, you will miss him. No one is perfect! Plus I have found that God likes to surprise us. He always gives us what we need, even if we didn't know it.) Anyways, it's crazy to be here, 5 months into marriage, knowing it's you. It was you all along. Through singleness, heartbreak...all of it. God knew you would be my husband. 

I'm thankful for the time before you, because that was the Lord preparing my heart, and yours, so we could be the best for each other. Not perfect, not even close; but by the grace of God, we are being made new each day. Just like my vows at our wedding said, I never expected love to take me to a different state, but the Lord knew I would experience His grace most by your side. And that has been true every day of our marriage. 

Thank you for laughing at my jokes, even if just a courtesy laugh. Thanks for taking out the trash and helping with things around the house. Thank you for protecting me, standing beside me, making the best scrambled eggs ever, and pushing me to be more spontaneous. Thank you for pointing us towards Christ. Thank you for loving me, even when I'm hard to love. You pursue my heart and that's the best feeling. I'm so thankful it's you. 

You are my forever valentine and I love you SO much!


Whether you celebrate this day with a bunch of girlfriends that love you to pieces or your spouse, I hope you feel loved today! One year in college, my friends and I made heart-shaped pizzas. It was a blast :) I know this is a polarizing holiday, but any chance to celebrate love is a good day, in my opinion! 

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Oven Pancakes Recipe

Breakfast is absolutely, hands-down my favorite meal of the day. Whether we eat it actually in the morning or if we're whipping up breakfast for dinner, it always hits the spot. I first made these with my grandma when visiting my family a few years ago and ever since making them there, I've made them on Valentine's Day for my guy! Believe me when I say, this was THE best breakfast I've ever had. Who knew you could even bake pancakes in the oven and have them be so delicious?! AND they bake into a bowl shape, but taste just like regular pancakes. I actually bought mini skillets to make them in at home, which are also super fun. Too. Good.

I'm here sharing the results and the recipe with you today!

1 cup each raspberries, blueberries, and sliced strawberries
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus 4 teaspoons for the dishes
3 extra-large eggs, at room temperature
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1 teaspoon grated orange zest
3/4 teaspoon kosher salt
Maple syrup and confectioners’ sugar, for garnish

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.
Gently combine the berries and sugar in a small bowl and set aside while you make the pancakes. Place 4 (6- to 7-inch) individual gratin dishes on two sheet pans. Place 1 teaspoon of butter in each gratin dish and set aside.
Place the eggs in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment and beat on medium speed until mixed. Add the milk and combine. Slowly add the flour, vanilla, orange zest, 2 tablespoons melted butter, and the salt and mix just until smooth. Whisk by hand if the mixture is lumpy.
Place the gratin dishes in the oven for 3 minutes, until the butter is hot and bubbly. Make sure the butter covers the bottom of each dish. Immediately divide the batter equally among the gratin dishes and bake for 12 to 14 minutes, until puffed and lightly browned. Divide the berries among the dishes, drizzle with maple syrup, dust with confectioners’ sugar, and serve hot.

Recipe By Ina Garten, found here.

Can we talk about how the final picture of our oven pancakes actually resembles the picture in the cookbook?! We were equal parts shocked and proud :) You can buy the dishes we baked them in right here! Here are the items I use to make them:

Give these pancakes a try tomorrow, or another time, and let me know how they turn out!

PS. Check out these adorable Valentine's Day kitchen dish towels!

Happy Monday

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